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Is data collection by one person very slow? Does web scraping require programming? Is cloud collection or third-party collection service expensive? LetsScrapeData can help you solve these problems.

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Mutual help

Users can help each other to scrape data, solve the excessive restrictions on web access, speed up data scraping, and reduce the number of web page visits.


Free use of this software tool, as well as free scraping templates.
(Proxy/captcha/OCR are charged if used. If there is no template you need, please contact us.)


This soft tool uses templates to scrape data, and you can start collecting data immediately without writing code.

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Software Instructions:
  1. If you are not logged in, log in first: Sign In
  2. Schedule:After selecting a template, you can start collecting data immediately
    • Add / Edit / Delete templates
    • View / Export collected data
  3. Friend:Friends can help you scrape data, help or transfer points, etc.
    • Add / Accept / Reject / Delete friends
    • Recommend to friends
  4. Settings
    • Account:Add, edit, and delete the account that needs to be used to collect data. The account name and password are only encrypted and stored on your computer. If you change the computer to log in, you need to add it again
    • Data Synchronization:Disable and enable data synchronization, data synchronization refers to periodically synchronizing the collected data to relational databases (such as mysql)
    • Profile:Modify personal information, change password, log out, etc.

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